Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug 31 - Day 11

Didn't wake up until close to 9:45 this morning; the little one played quietly in her bed for me. Made 2 soft cooked eggs for breakfast; a long with a cup of hot tea (2 Tbsp sugar & 2 Tbsp milk). Had enough Tang to take 2 Ibuprofen and a BioAstin capsule.

Had a doctor's appointment at 11:25 am. The polyp from the left ovary was benign (thank goodness); didn't say anything about the possible polyp of the right ovary. My uterus is still "inflamed;" but the doc said that is probably due to giving birth (naturally) to 3 big babies. He also said that my uterus dropped more when checked during surgery than when he checked when I was in the office. Said that could also be due to giving birth to 3 big babies; stretched out the muscles. Wants me to keep a "pain diary" (what activity that gives me pain down there, how much pain, and for how long, etc.) for the next three months and come back in in November. Then we will go from there on what to do. He also ordered me to workout 6x a week for at least 45 minutes with a heart rate of 120.

After the doctor's appointment I sat in the car, called my mother (to update her on what's going on), and ate the other half of the small box Whopper's (feeling depressed).

Finish the tea until around 1:30 pm. Didn't eat lunch till about 2:40 pm. Had a turkey & cheese sandwich (2 slices bread, 2 Tbsp cream cheese, 6 thin slices turkey, 3 thin slices Munster cheese).

Ate a couple handfuls of Fishes with the little one at about 7 o'clock tonight along with my second cup of hot tea (2 Tbsp sugar & 2 Tbsp milk). Half an hour later I finished off the remaining turkey and cheese pinwheel from last night's supper while making Red Velvet Cupcakes for tomorrow.

Just pulled the last of the cupcakes out of the oven. I think I'll ice the cupcakes tomorrow morning. Which means I need to set my alarm & make a note to hubby that he'll need to help with the little one in the morning. Crossing my fingers that they came out yummy!

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