Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug 22 - Day 2

Didn't walk this morning due to my right hip hurting. Had 2 eggs, soft yolks, and a cup of hot tea (with sugar and milk) for breakfast.

Played with my little girl before working on a black and pink necklace with angel wings for a pendent. Was almost done when the string broke and I had to restring the necklace. Finished that while the little one was down for a nap; along with another cup of hot tea.

Had a honey smoked ham sandwich (two slices white bread, 2 tsp light mayo, 1 pre-sliced American cheese, and 9 thin slices ham). Also had a big bowl of Dump Cake for dessert (approximately 2 cups).

Started a second black and pink necklace before dinner. Made 2-3 cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with a bottle (16.9 oz) of water. Then played on the floor with my daughter for a good 45 minutes before typing my blog.

Thinking about getting a little bit of butterscotch pudding and sharing it with my daughter. Might finish the second necklace after putting her down for bed. Planning on going for my walk tomorrow morning when it's still cool out. Then I have a whole 'To Do' list I have to tackle.

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