Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aug 24 - Day 4

Got up later than I wanted to (a little after 9 am). Got around and made my daughter's and my breakfast; eggs again. Again, had 2 soft cooked eggs & my usual cup of hot tea; which I shared some of the egg whites with my daughter.

Finished stringing my 2nd pink and black necklace; but thinking on how to string it for a multi-strand necklace I think I might have to back track a lot.

Fed the little one her usual PB&J for lunch. Of course, she wanted some of the chips daddy was eating. Ate a tablespoonful of peanut butter.

The little one went down for a nap right on time, and I went out for my 3 lap walk. I slowed down today so I wouldn't get any injuries - 28 minutes. Need to work on building up my shin muscles again; that or I need to buy new walking shoes.

Got back and had a bottle of water (16.9 oz) and a BioAstin (since I forgot to take it this morning). Then made myself an open faced egg sandwich (with 1 Tbsp each ketchup and mustard; and 4 slices of Colby Jack cheese) on the bottom half of an English muffin. Also had 4 slices of Colby Jack cheese and another cup of hot tea.

Decided to have salmon and mandarin orange salad with raspberry vinaigrette. Took another BioAstin capsule with a swig of my husband's green tea. Waited until after the little one went to bed before having about 1 1/2 cups of dad-in-laws dessert (Dump Cake).

Well, we'll see what tomorrow holds. Would like to walk again tomorrow before surgery on Friday. Won't be walking for a while after that; until the doc says I can.

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