Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept 1 - Day 12

Set my alarm clock for 7:30 this morning, and actually got up when it went off! Got around and iced the cupcakes (which took me till now - 8:55 am). Put big tray in fridge to "harden" up, going to see if I can write a "T" on top of the icing for the company name. Might spell out company name on the cupcakes in the small tray, have to wait and see how the icing sets up first. Now I need to see if the little one is awake. Still need to feed her and take a shower (because I stink and my hair is so oily it's laying against my head) before the ribbon cutting ceremony today at hubby's work. Also want to see if I have enough time to finish my fingernails on my right hand (painted them green and put purple curly-cues on top).

Made a cup of hot tea (2 Tbsp sugar & 2 Tbsp milk) while making the little one's egg and she sat on my lap to eat it. By the time she was done, hubby was out of the shower to watch her and I could take my shower, dress, and makeup. Didn't get around to getting breakfast for myself or finish my right fingernails....oh well.

Got to the office a little before 11 and people didn't start showing up until a little after 11 am. The little one was well behaved while the whole thing was going on. The ceremony was catered (crackers and cheese, tortilla roll-ups, pineapple and cherries). I had maybe a total of 4 roll-ups, a couple of cherries, a couple of crackers and one slice of cheese. Also had a glass of Serra Mist.

Left about 1:30 pm....little one fell asleep on the way home. When I tried to transfer her to her bed for a nap, she woke up. Still layed her down for "quite time," and I took a nap myself.

For supper we had tilapia and made burritos (fish, Parmesan cheese, and sour cream all on a tortilla wrap). The little one helped eat about one-third of my burrito; so I ate only two-thirds. Had a glass of cherry kool-aid with my BioAstin capsule.

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