Friday, September 2, 2011

Sept 2 - Day 13

Woke up at 9:30 this morning. Filled up the little ones juice and made her an egg while she was still sleeping (she slept in till almost 10:30). I was able to make and eat one soft cooked egg for me along with a cup of hot tea (2 Tbsp sugar & 2 Tbsp milk). After getting the little one up and dressed, made another cup of tea to take a BioAstin capsule.

After putting the little one down for a nap I had lunch. One burrito (rice, mozzarella cheese, black beans, sour cream, lite Catalina dressing) and a glass of chocolate milk and a small bowl of Edy's Cookie Dough ice cream.

Finished up the necklace and bracelet set I was working on; and readied the next set of beads. Put on a second coat of paint on the glass candle holder (which will probably do it). I will try and take off the stenciling tomorrow morning.

Didn't think I would get the meatballs done tonight. The little one slipped off her chair when she tried to step from her chair to mine (and since mine rolls and hers doesn't) and bumped the back of her head just a little bit. She was more scared than hurt, but still wanted me to hold her for quite awhile. Didn't start making them until about the same time I actually wanted to have dinner ready; so dinner was definitely late (didn't eat until just after 7 pm). Had a second glass of chocolate milk while making the meatballs.

I had about 1 cup pasta, about 1/8 cup sauce with 5 meatballs (about an inch in diameter each). Added a little more for the little one. Had about 6 oz water with my BioAstin capsule.

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