Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sept 7 - Day 18

I know I've missed the last couple of days. Been busy and they just flew right on by.

Woke up at 9 this morning. Got the little one up and around right away. Decided to get dressed myself before breakfast. Which was an egg for both of us; plus my hot cup of tea (2 Tbsp sugar).

Worked on the little one's last skirt (at the moment) for most of the day. Didn't help that I sewed the top ruffle and the skirt's main body the wrong way (had to tear out the stitching, re-pin, and re-sew it). Finished it up, except for the button, soon after the little one got up from her nap.

While tearing out the stitching, I had a burrito (rice, shredded cheddar cheese, black beans, sour cream, and light Catalina dressing all in a tortilla wrap) for lunch. Decided to have a glass of ice tea with lunch today.

After getting the skirt finished; played with the little one (i.e.: running around the house, chasing each other, dancing, etc). Didn't go for a walk, even though I should have. The little one didn't really want anything to eat for her supper. Finally convinced her to eat some yogurt; which she finished off the container.

I had a meatball sandwich (hoagie, 2 slices of Munster cheese, 4 meatballs with sauce), plus a third slice of Munster cheese just to eat, after putting the little one down for bed. Ran out of ice tea, so I had another cup of hot tea (2 Tbsp sugar).

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